SHIMAP:Shimanami Kaido Tourist Information

Well-known regional products

Citrus fruits柑橘類

The warm Shimanami climate makes it the perfect place to cultivate Mandarin oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits. The area is also well-known for its juices, jams, ice creams, and other products made using the fruit.

Marine products海産物

The Seto Inland Sea is a cornucopia of finfish and shellfish. The Shimanami area is known for being blessed with an abundance of marine products, as well as its superb cuisine that generously incorporates the fresh seafood, dried fish products, and nori (edible seaweed).

Onomichi ramen尾道ラーメン

The hugely popular Onomichi ramen features pork shoulder fat and flat noodles in a soy sauce-based broth.

Dried fish魚の干物

These dried fish products are perfect for gifts, including Debera (fivespot flounder), for which Onomichi is noted, as well as octopus and sea eel.


This dish consists of the octopus taken at Setoda cooked in rice. The octopus is also used for sashimi and tempura.

Hamako Nabe浜子鍋

A local dish from Setoda, Hamako Nabe is a type of pot dish with a miso flavor that contains seasonal seafood and vegetables.

Yakitori (Grilled chicken)焼き鳥

Imabari has one of the highest concentrations of yakitori shops in the country. The local variety is unique for being grilled on a hot plate instead of barbecued.


The sea bream is cooked whole in a pot with rice. That creates a local dish in which the meat is removed from the bones and eaten together with the rice.

Sakurai lacquer ware桜井漆器

Produced since the Edo period, Sakurai lacquer ware is a traditional craft made with unique techniques that have been handed down over the centuries.


Imabari is the country's largest towel production center. The exceptional quality of the Imabari towels is widely acclaimed in Japan and overseas.

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